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For ES modules, this happens in three steps.

People talk about ES modules being asynchronous. You can think about it as asynchronous because the work is split into these three different phases — loading, instantiating, and evaluating — and those phases can be done separately.

This means the spec does introduce a kind of asynchrony that wasn’t there in CommonJS. I’ll explain more later, but in CJS a module and the dependencies below it are loaded, instantiated, and evaluated all at once, without any breaks in between.

However, the steps themselves are not necessarily asynchronous. They can be done in a synchronous way. It depends on what’s doing the loading. That’s because not everything is controlled by the ES module spec. There are actually two halves of the work, which are covered by different specs.

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says how you should parse files into module records, and how you should instantiate and evaluate that module. However, it doesn’t say how to get the files in the first place.

It’s the loader that fetches the files. And the loader is specified in a different specification. For browsers, that spec is the HTML spec . But you can have different loaders based on what platform you are using.

The loader also controls exactly how the modules are loaded. It calls the ES module methods —  ParseModule , Module.Instantiate , and Module.Evaluate . It’s kind of like a puppeteer controlling the JS engine’s strings.

Now let’s walk through each step in more detail.

Three things happen for each module during the Construction phase.

The loader will take care of finding the file and downloading it. First it needs to find the entry point file. In HTML, you tell the loader where to find it by using a script tag.

But how does it find the next bunch of modules — the modules that main.js directly depends on?

This is where import statements come in. One part of the import statement is called the module specifier. It tells the loader where it can find each next module.

One thing to note about module specifiers: they sometimes need to be handled differently between browsers and Node. Each host has its own way of interpreting the module specifier strings. To do this, it uses something called a module resolution algorithm, which differs between platforms. Currently, some module specifiers that work in Node won’t work in the browser, but there is ongoing work to fix this .

Until that’s fixed, browsers only accept URLs as module specifiers. They will load the module file from that URL. But that doesn’t happen for the whole graph at the same time. You don’t know what dependencies the module needs you to fetch until you’ve parsed the file… and you can’t parse the file until you fetched it.

This means that we have to go through the tree layer-by-layer, parsing one file, then figuring out its dependencies, and then finding and loading those dependencies.

Then you have a sarcastic, hostile takedown of design thinking in Lee Vinsel’s “ Design Thinking is Kind of Like Syphilis — It’s Contagious and Rots Your Brains “. Well, if I had said nothing, the title would have told you all you need to know. It’s a long read that rehashes previous takedowns of design thinking. These posts can be helpful for the comments (there are many), from both those who agree and disagree. Have a look.

Critiques of design thinking are hardly new . For as long as non-designers have adopted design thinking as a positive force for their work, someone has found something negative to say about design thinking.

In the post- design thinking toolkit environment, I think most of the critics overlook how practical, actionable and concrete design thinking has become for many non-designers. I would agree that prior to the toolkit, design thinking was somewhat vague. With the toolkit in hand, you don’t need to be a designer to get closer to working and thinking like one. What would the critics have to say about it? Would it change their thinking?

It would help if we could all get over this designer vs. non-designer conflict. I think I speak for most librarians who practice design thinking when I say we would never think we’re on the same level as a professional designer. Most of us simply see it as a practical tool that is sometimes applicable in a particular situation.

When encountering critiques of design thinking, no matter how hostile an approach the critic may take, it is best to avoid becoming defensive – or simply writing off the piece as unworthy of your time. Whatever it is, it’s unlikely to change your overall perspective on the value of design thinking for problem identification and solution development. So why not go ahead and take a closer look at what’s being said.

It matters little what subject we’re talking about. It could be libraries. The important point is that advocates need to be aware of and understand the naysayers and critics. We avoid them at our own risk. The more we know about the critics’ arguments the better prepared we are to counter it and prepare ourselves for the inevitable attack on our thinking.

Imagine you’re in a meeting to discuss organizing a design challenge and an adversarial colleague says “I heard that real designers are calling bullshit on design thinking. They say it’s just business jargon that librarians adopt so they can make pretend they know something about design”. Your turn to respond. What do you say?

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When I saw that the Heath Brothers new book was about experiences and the importance of singular defining moments I was excited by the prospects of a book on this topic. We need to learn more about how to design defining moments into the library user experience.

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object represents an HTTP response, which is usually downloaded (by the Downloader) and fed to the Spiders for processing.

A string containing the URL of the response.

This attribute is read-only. To change the URL of a Response use replace() .

An integer representing the HTTP status of the response. Example: 200 , 404 .

A dictionary-like object which contains the response headers. Values can be accessed using get() to return the first header value with the specified name or getlist() to return all header values with the specified name. For example, this call will give you all cookies in the headers:

The body of this Response. Keep in mind that Response.body is always a bytes object. If you want the unicode version use YeezySuede Chelsea Boots Gr EU 46 kmGLCzDU
(only available in santoni DoubleMonk 16036 leather xE8ck
and subclasses).

This attribute is read-only. To change the body of a Response use replace() .

The Request object that generated this response. This attribute is assigned in the Scrapy engine, after the response and the request have passed through all Downloader Middlewares . In particular, this means that:

A shortcut to the NeousAda 70 leather mules yWFZ4
attribute of the Raye Bryce Mink Fur Heel cpWB5yuA
object (ie. self.request.meta ).

Unlike the Response.request attribute, the Charlotte Olympia 10MM LOGO DETAIL VELVET LOAFERS AIcjaqeYXy
attribute is propagated along redirects and retries, so you will get the original Request.meta sent from your spider.

See also


A list that contains flags for this response. Flags are labels used for tagging Responses. For example: ‘cached’ , ‘redirected ’, etc. And they’re shown on the string representation of the Response ( __str__ method) which is used by the engine for logging.

Returns a new Response which is a copy of this Response.

Returns a Response object with the same members, except for those members given new values by whichever keyword arguments are specified. The attribute Response.meta is copied by default.

Constructs an absolute url by combining the Response’s with a possible relative url.

This is a wrapper over Valentino Open low top sneakers oG8Eq
, it’s merely an alias for making this call:

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